What Are International Driving Licenses And Their Advantages?

Going on a road trip is joyful, especially if you’re planning a trip abroad. But while the roads in your own country are open to you, your idea of a road trip overseas can get disturbed if you are looking to drive in a foreign land. Those looking to drive overseas on vacation or a business trip are often unable to do so as they don’t have an international driving permit (IDP) that allows them to drive in foreign countries.

Just like having a driving license is mandatory in any country, getting an international driving permit is also necessary if you wish to drive in a distant land. Though getting an international driving license can sound like a hectic job, it has its benefits.

This article will reveal an international driving license and its advantages and benefits.

What exactly is an international driving license?

An international driving license is an official document that allows an individual to drive a motor vehicle in foreign countries. An international driving license is authorized by United Nations, giving tourists the liberty to drive a motor vehicle in a foreign land.

An international driving license is issued in several different languages for the transport authorities abroad to be able to verify and understand your driving credentials. In easy words, an international driving license is an official translation of your driving license.

An international driving license can also be acquired by any foreign individual who desires to drive a motor vehicle on Indian roads. An international driving license has a validity of 1 year from the date it was issued.

Acquiring an international driving license is not compulsory in some countries. Still, you should get one from many organizations like the International Drivers Associationas it can help you in any emergency or while claiming insurance coverage.

 Advantages of international driving license.

Acquiring an international driving license is an easy process and has several advantages:

  • It permits you to drive your motor vehicle on foreign roads legally.
  • An IDP is an affirmation stating that you hold a driving license in your country
  • You can use it as an identity proof
  • You do not need any identity proof to get this document
  • An IDL is accepted in more than 150 countries
  • Few countries do not permit you to rent a car unless you have a valid IDL
  • Insurance companies need an IDP to provide coverage to drivers who drive motor vehicles overseas

How can someone apply for an international driving licence?

Applying for an international driving licence is easy. To apply for international driving, you can follow one either of the four ways:

  • Offline through the RTO
  • Online through portals available by local governments
  • International control traffic association.

You can get your IDL in many ways, which will be provided to you within a week through any of the ways mentioned above.