What Is the Difference Between Teen Sexting and Child Pornography?

Minors will often send each other sexually explicit images. In Texas, this is treated similarly to some acts of child pornography. While there may be some available defenses, and the sentences are different, this is still illegal, and minors cannot sext when it involves sending certain explicit images. In Texas, the prohibition is on someone […]

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Brief Understanding On Categories And Consequences Of Criminal Sexual Conduct Conviction 

Have you been convicted for criminal sexual conduct in Michigan? You would face some of the harshest penalties in the law. Officers and prosecution take these allegations very seriously and pursue people accused of criminal charges aggressively. You would require hiring the services of a Michigan criminal sexual conduct lawyer to seek protection against the […]


Immigrants, Refugees, and U.S. Citizenship: Knowing Your Eligibility to Apply for Citizenship

  Obtaining citizenship in the United States is a lengthy process. However, becoming a U.S. citizen comes with significant privileges, rights, and benefits that make them the most popular country in the world for immigrants to migrate to. The country makes up 19% of the world’s total migrant population, with over 51 million migrants residing in different […]


Got Injured? Here’s How to File an Insurance Claim

Injuries can happen to anyone, whether on the road, in the workplace, or in a commercial establishment. In fact, about 1 3 million people die every year due to road injuries, while 2 8 million nonfatal injuries occurred in the workplace back in 2019. If you’ve ever got yourself injured, you’ll have to deal with a lot of expenses […]


Top 4 Tips for Finding and Choosing a Good Business Attorney

Launching or starting new businesses might be very overwhelming because of the details you should handle. Apart from taking care of the actual work of your startup, there are also many administrative tasks you cannot ignore, including business entity formation, contracts, registration, and insurance. When launching a new business, a business lawyer can be the […]