An Oregon Personal Injury Law Firm Has The Best Legal Professionals

Oregon is known for its beautiful cities, prestigious universities, and amazing natural parks. Despite these positive attributes, Oregon is not an exception to the availability of personal injury accidents. Just like anywhere, the possibility of suffering from these events can be quite high. Therefore, it is important that you understand some facts that can facilitate […]

Business Law

5 Important Reasons Why You Need An Experienced Lawyer for a Trucking Accident

If you are in the unfortunate position of being involved in an accident with a truck, the last thing you want to do is try to handle it independently, without an experienced lawyer on your side. A trucking accident can affect your life negatively. If you’ve suffered injuries in an accident involving a large commercial […]


Interesting facts parents need to know about child custody agreements

Most often, there are couples asking their family lawyers how to best protect their children or prevent their ex-spouse from taking the child out of state, county, or even the country. These clients usually want their ex’s to share a pleasant relationship with their child but never at the cost of their personal relationship. Whenever […]


John Branca Opens the Door For New Michael Jackson Events

In 2019, an unfortunate series of events involving an HBO documentary and a hefty tax bill left Michael Jackson’s estate in court and on the brink of disaster. Luckily, the estate’s attorney and co-executor, John Branca, was able to save the day. Read on to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the court cases and […]


Selecting The Right Attorney To Meet All Your Needs

Are you facing problems with your divorce planning & would like to appoint a divorce attorney in order to resolve them? Throughout a divorce, there are several things that have to be agreed upon such as the separation of assets & who will get custody of any kids that you might have. If you feel that you […]


Benefits of family divorce counseling.

A divorce is a life-changing event that has a lot of impacts. A divorce affects everyone differently, whether you are the one requesting for it or you are witnessing your parents divorcing. The impacts it will have on you as a party involved in the divorce vary from emotional support, trust issues, Poor children’s grades, […]