When Should You Accept a Settlement Offer from an Insurer After a Los Angeles Car Accident?

Insurance providers usually make several settlement offers after being notified about a car accident claim filed against them. This is especially the case if you are represented by a lawyer. During this process, you must decide when to accept an offer and get the compensation you deserve. 

Even if the insurance provider made a seemingly generous offer, there are factors you need to think about first before you decide to accept it. This is the reason you should consider consulting with a car accident attorney in Los Angeles before you decide to settle your case. Your attorney will assess the offer based on the severity of your injuries and the other damages you have sustained because of the crash. 

When to Agree to Settle Your Accident Claim

In general, you must wait until all your medical costs, property damage, and other damages are evaluated before you agree to settle your claim with the insurer. Ensure you do not accept the company’s first offer because this won’t reflect the true worth of your damages. If you accept the offer, you will lose your right to seek additional compensation should you suffer additional damages the initial settlement does not cover. 

You must wait until you can speak with a lawyer and have all aspects of your claim assessed. Also, avoid disclosing your desire to settle with the insurer. Should the company learn that you do not want to go to court, it may not make a reasonable offer. 

How Long Can Negotiations Last?

After you file a car accident claim with the insurer, it may send you a settlement offer soon hoping that you choose to settle your claim quickly. After you get a settlement offer from the company, you can send a counteroffer to initiate the negotiations. Often, it is best to let your lawyer negotiate for you, so the insurer cannot take advantage of your lack of negotiation skills. 

Settlement negotiations can take time; however, you need to know when this process will end. Your lawyer can evaluate this for you. One thing you can expect from your attorney is that they won’t settle for less than what you deserve for your injuries and damages. Also, your attorney is always ready to take your case to court if the insurer does not want to make a fair offer. In court, they can represent you and present your case before a judge along with all the necessary evidence that shows you need to be compensated for your injuries.