Getting the best results – How to choose the right divorce lawyer?

Look for things like years of experience, educational background, specialty in divorce law, and membership in professional organizations. Schedule a consultation with at least three of the divorce lawyers you are considering. Most attorneys provide free initial consultations where you ask questions and gauge whether you feel comfortable working with them. This is also the time for the lawyer to assess your case. Take advantage of the consultation to determine how well the attorney listens and answers all your questions thoroughly. Going into the consultation prepared with questions is vital for making the right selection. Here are some important things to ask:

  • How long have you practiced divorce law? Look for at least 5-10 years.
  • What percentage of your cases go to trial versus settlement? Over 90% settle. 
  • What alternatives to litigation do you use to resolve cases? You want someone open to negotiation.  
  • What are the exact fees and billing practices? Get a written fee schedule.  

Narrow down your options

After doing your research and initial consultations, you should have a shortlist of several promising candidates. Compare factors like experience, fees, office location, client reviews, and staff resources. There is no definitive checklist ranking one as better to go with your gut feeling based on your priorities and with whom you feel most comfortable. Trust is vital, but you also want an attorney capable of top-notch legal strategy. Seek input from professionals you know and respect, like your accountant or a family friend who is a lawyer. Their insider perspective helps assess technical expertise. You cannot know with certainty how well an attorney will serve you until you begin working together. But, checking qualifications, asking the right questions, and understanding their communication style and values around divorce give the best odds for a positive partnership.

Vet experience and credentials

  • Confirm if they have had any disciplinary actions through your state bar association. 
  • Make sure they stay up to date on changes in family law by taking continuing legal education classes.
  • See if they are members of family law professional organizations.

No amount of research matters if you don’t have a good rapport and sense of trust with the lawyer during the consultation. Note your initial impressions if you don’t click in this preliminary encounter, move on. The family lawyers in parramatta you choose should be someone you feel comfortable confiding in and who will make you feel empowered during the process. Going through a divorce is undoubtedly difficult. But, finding an experienced attorney who understands your priorities, communicates well, answers all your questions, and is in your corner leads to the most favorable outcome. Do your research and ask the right questions the return on investing this effort is peace of mind and satisfaction with one of the most vital decisions in this process. With these steps, you will be well on your way to getting the best divorce lawyer for your needs.