What Might Affect A Truck Accident Case?

Truck accidents can be quite complicated because the size and weight of trucks will create a huge impact on injuries sustained by victims. Also, during truck accident cases, there might be several insurance companies and motor carriers involved. 

Besides the size and weight already mentioned, the following can also affect the case:

  • Driver Error

A large truck is quite difficult to operate. It needs licensing and intensive training. Even if the driver is highly experienced, when the circumstances are right, driver error can play a huge part in the accident. There are many drivers who do not follow safety practices while they drive. In reality, most trucking accidents are going to happen because of errors by the driver. 

  • Vehicle Malfunction

According to experienced truck accident lawyers, commercial vehicle failures are often a huge factor in vehicle actions involving trucks and private cars. The American Trucking Associations highlight that vehicle failures happen in 7% of all commercial trucking accidents. To make matters even worse, even if they were not a causal factor, brake problems appeared in 27% of all vehicle accidents with commercial trucks. 

The commercial truck driver is responsible for maintaining proper vehicle maintenance and carrying out inspections. The commercial carrier needs to carry out upkeep and all required repairs. When any of the two parties does not carry out its responsibilities and the failure contributed to the accident, they can be considered responsible. Some common factors that can be mentioned related to this are:

  • Not Securing Freight And Improper Loading

When the driver or the team responsible to load cargo does not properly distribute loads or does not properly secure the freight, accidents can easily happen. Truck drivers do have the necessary training to make sure this process is carried out correctly but it is still possible that this was not done properly. 

  • Driver Stress And Fatigue

Because many vehicle carriers are encouraging their truck drivers to keep working for several hours without rest, stress and driver fatigue often influence the outcome of trucking accidents. Whenever the motor carrier is mismanaging drivers or we see drivers ignoring regulations, such mistakes lead to negligent practice responsibility. 

  • Distracted And Reckless Driving

Unsafe driving often leads to car accidents and is also a huge implication for trucking accidents. The commercial truck driver is often working for really long hours. It is possible they are rushing to reach a destination, which could lead to huge problems like tailgating, reckless driving, and speeding. Experienced truck accident attorneys are going to easily determine if the poor decision of the driver influenced the outcome of the collision. 

  • Employer Negligence

Last but not least, if the motor carrier is mismanaging employees, uses harmful company policies, or neglects vehicle maintenance, such practices could contribute to road accidents. The particularly dishonest vehicle carriers will even destroy records or falsify them in order to avoid having to make payments. It is thus very important to investigate the practices of the commercial trucking company. This is very easy to do when you hire a good personal injury attorney to handle the investigation. Basically, it is important to dig deep and analyze all the management practices and the company history.