Taking a Look at the Different Types of Lawyers & How They Can Help You

There may come a time in your life when you require the services of lawyers in Melbourne. Lawyers don’t just defend criminals in a courtroom as TV often depicts. Similarly to doctors and financial professionals, there are many branches of law that lawyers can have expertise in, and depending on the nature of your dispute, you’ll require a lawyer with the corresponding knowledge and experience. This article will go over some of the different types of lawyers and how they can help you.

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers in Melbourne handle legal disputes that are centred around members of a family. These disputes can include settling child custody matters, initiating the divorce process or handling litigation concerning domestic violence and child abuse cases. Family related issues are often tense and emotional, and they can quickly become volatile. Having a lawyer who can make you feel comfortable in their company and who is professionally skilled to handle your specific dispute is crucial when you’re going through a family related legal dispute.

Property Lawyers

Property lawyers handle matters such as the buying and selling of property, acquisition of property for corporations and companies, and commercial leasing for retail and small businesses. Property lawyers in Melbourne often handle intellectual property matters as well, helping companies to secure their intellectual property such as assets and proprietary software as well as lodge disputes against employees or competitors who steal intellectual property from a company.

Depending on the nature of your property dispute, you’ll want to ensure the property lawyer has had adequate experience dealing with that particular dispute. For instance, you wouldn’t enlist the services of a property lawyer who has solely dealt with residential property disputes to handle your intellectual property matter. Property can become complex and confusing, which is why engaging with the right property lawyer is so important to ease stress and streamline the dispute process.

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne are legal professionals who primarily deal with individuals who have been accused of a crime, or individuals who accuse others of an offence. Criminal law generally proceeds to litigation, and cases can be very nuanced and complicated. Lawyers on both sides will attempt to point a judge and jury towards the facts presented by their respective clients. In some cases such as burglary and assaults, litigation can be a swift process with an outcome reached in a matter of days or weeks. In more complex cases, things can stretch on for months or even years. If you require the services of a criminal lawyer, you’ll want a lawyer who is well informed, experienced in litigation and detail-oriented. Ensuring your lawyer has these qualities will not only streamline the litigation process, but will also go a long way to securing a justified outcome.

General Practice Lawyer

General practice lawyers in Melbourne, as the name suggests, are lawyers that deal with a workload spanning across many different legal areas. These lawyers are more appropriate for those who require simple general legal advice on generic legal issues that are unlikely to proceed to litigation. If your dispute or legal issue is more complex, it’s likely your general practice lawyer will refer you on to a lawyer who has the appropriate experience to handle your legal claim or dispute.