Law Firms Marketing Spend: A Decade of Insight from Providing Marketing Services for Law Firms Since 2008

Even while each law firm’s actual marketing budget varies, the legal sector as a whole share some characteristics. Rather than using monetary value, many sources frequently base their marketing budget estimates on a proportion of revenue as per law firms marketing spend record.

Other sources can vary; marketing strategy expenditures can range from 1-20% of total revenue. The reason for this variation is the vast array of factors that affect the type and size of budget required, including the many distinct legal specialties, legal marketing channels, and firm sizes.

A large legal business, for instance, might have a sizable budget for PPC, or pay-per-click advertising in a highly competitive market. To identify potential clients close by, a small legal firm might concentrate on local SEO, or search engine optimization.

How much money should our legal company invest on marketing?

In other words, there is no right or wrong response. The marketing budget for your business may vary significantly based on things like:

  • Your company’s size
  • Your practice area and the geographic region where most of your potential clients live
  • The particular legal services you provide
  • The degree to which your practice is already well-established, and
  • The marketing tactics and KPIs that best serve your objectives.

Therefore, the budget for your law firm marketing strategy will be specific to the demands of your company. The best approach to learn more is to chat with a seasoned legal digital marketing agency; discuss your needs, take advice, and develop a marketing strategy that delivers the ROI, or return on investment, you demand.

How much money should law firms allocate to SEO?

You can find new customers who are looking for your particular services with the aid of an effective SEO approach. We’ve already seen how SEO investments for legal firms have paid off handsomely. For instance, companies were earning organic traffic from keywords worth more than $100,000/month, as per the most recent study.

Your SEO budget will depend on a variety of criteria, including:

  • The type of law and how competitive is your niche
  • Are you aiming for rankings in a small town or a big city depending on your field of expertise?
  • Are you a new company or do you face established rivals?

Your budget can also be impacted by any prior SEO efforts. Before launching new marketing initiatives, it’s typically best to address any current problems. A technological assessment and data collection are two initial SEO services that can frequently give your SEO campaign a clear direction.

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