6 Reasons to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer


Divorce is an easy answer for many couples who start to see problems in their relationship. But, divorce is not just the end – you also need to deal with many problems that come with it. If you have kids, you will have to fight for your rights to child custody. A child custody lawyer will be the best person to help you solve the problem. The following are 6 reasons to hire a child custody lawyer.

  1. Your Ex Has Hired a Lawyer

Child custody lawyers Irving TX can provide guidance when you are facing your ex in a custody battle. If you have no lawyer, you will have to depend on your knowledge. You will find yourself not knowing what words to put into your mouth when the judge asks questions which could mean that you will lose the case.

  1. The Case is Becoming Increasingly Complicated

Hiring a child custody lawyer is recommended if the case is becoming complicated. At first, you thought that the case will be smooth. However, afterward, you realize that the other party has changed his decision and turning against you. You suspect that your ex is making you look like you are not mature enough to have kids.

  1. Your Ex is Living in a Different Jurisdiction

You need to seek the counsel of a lawyer if you and your ex are living in different states or countries. It can be difficult to deal with the case yourself as you can get confused with the regulations. The lawyer can work out a solution that appeals to the court in that state.

  1. You Have an Abusive Ex

You have an abusive ex and you believe your child is not safe. You can tell the child custody lawyer about your circumstances. He can get a temporary restraining order to permit you to take the kids away while the divorce is in the process.


  1. Your Ex is Preventing You From Seeing the Kids

A child custody lawyer will be able to help you when you are seeing signs that your spouse wants to prevent you from seeing the kids. If this is happening, you need to take fast action to see a child custody lawyer. Usually, this type of case needs to be taken to trial.


  1. You are Taking Part in Special Activities

The court is requesting you to take part in some activities. These activities can be attending special classes to mold your behavior such as anger management and alcohol treatment. You can have a lower chance of winning the case if you are participating in special activities. You can hire a lawyer to teach you what to do and what not to do to increase your chance of winning the case. The lawyer can represent you and help you find the best course of action if any issue arises.

  1. There is a Significant Change in the Circumstances

A child custody lawyer can help you if you are experiencing changing circumstances. For example, the child was recently involved in an accident and suffer from a disability. In another scenario, the parent who is in charge of the custody has been abusing the child and the other parent is requesting to take over the custody. This prompt a change in the child custody agreement. The lawyer can help you submit the child custody agreement on your behalf. Usually, the modification will be approved, if it involves a substantial change. The judge sees that it will greatly benefit the children if he approves the modification.